In addition to the tennis court there are three ponds, a large garden pavilion with thatched roof including and water and electricity access and an own toilet. This is an ideal place for barbecues and larger events.

The four houses of the Dekraal are situated in the middle of a two hectare award-winning botanical garden (2nd place 2004) with illuminated paths and partly covered seating.

For bird lovers there is a place called birdwatch. Over the hanging bridge it is possible to visit the largest pond where you can canoe to the small island with ducks.

Mini island in the largest pond


The facility has its own groundwater which is used as drinking water. The water for the ponds and the irrigation system is pumped out of the river (exitsting water rights) and stored in tanks.



The swimming pools – rockpool and the pool at Zulema House – are heated with solar energy

Canoe ride on the largest pond